Sunday, December 25, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Season's Greetings!

Hello our dearest friends! 

Kynitex team is just taking a moment to send you our best wishes for the most festive season! To make it even better we are happy to make a small gift to all our fans and continue Holidays' Sale!

You may download our favorite game so far - CHAPAYEV PRO - absolutely FREE via AppStore! Hope you're enjoying this amazing holiday season as much as we do!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Yours truly,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kynitex Halloween Giveaway!

Hello all! Kynitex is happy to announce a Halloween week SALE! Kynitex paid applications Chapayev Pro and ShiftMe Fifteen will be absolutely FREE all THIS WEEK before Halloween on the AppStore!

Use a great chance to enjoy these amazing apps and download them for free right away! Please comment if you like the games – your feedback helps to improve the apps.

Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Create a Hit Mobile Game. Step-by-Step Guidance. Step 3.

Note #3. The Gameplay. Devil’s in the details.

This post is all yummies, my friends! Enjoy the pure flight of imagination and inspiration of both development and design teams!

Development Team says: “Let’s get back to the upcoming game scenario with the working title Zombik Antidote. According to the story there’s the Crazy Professor and his Assistant who got in trouble, turned Zombik and now has to rescue himself. He needs the Antidote to become a human being again. And you’re the one to rescue Zombik! Lead him through all the dangers to the happy transformation into a human being again! That’s where the working title changes for Zombik Rescue as it introduces the main idea of the game  better.

So Zombik's main task is to collect 7 ingredients for the Antidote – 7 bottles of different color and shape. Bottles are hidden in different levels (not in every one) so he’ll need to collect all of them and bring them to the Professor to prepare the Antidote. To maintain his life power, Zombik collects brains on his way.  But another problem is that the Professor’s a little bit crazy dude and he constantly loses something. For example, he has lost his glasses. That means Zombik will also have to find the glasses and bring them to the Professor along with the 7 ingredients. To operate properly the Professor also needs anti-marcor pills. One more item for Zombik to collect.  Again, an alembic is required to make the Antidote.

On his run Zombik faces following hurdles: walls, holes in the ground, flying bullets and circular saw disks, stones and different items falling from the skies and so on. He can jump over some of them – for this purposes he needs to find (or buy) a jumppack. …And there’s a great opportunity to monetize our app – we gonna implement an in-app purchase feature for our fans to make the gameplay more interactive and customizable! Yay! Bullet-proof jacked can be used to protect Zombik from bullets and saw disks. We can design different outfits for Zombik. Life levels, weapons, magic abilities and many-many other different and awesome stuff can be in the in-app shop!!!...”

It’s not a problem at all to generate a bunch of creative ideas for Kynitex professionals with their childish imagination every single minute. Though you should be there to select the best ones and to build a successful technical mechanism of the gameplay. The game should run smoothly, it shouldn’t be too simple or too difficult; it should contain some smart trendy features to attract and addict gamers and so on. Eventually, it should be crazy popular. No less. But before selling it to people, first try to sell it to your team. And that is the challenge!

And Kynitex Design Team started working to sell the idea:

To be continued.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Create a Hit Mobile Game. Step-by-Step Guidance. Step 2.

Note #2. Back to Basics.

The devil’s in the details right? As you might notice, I used two spellings of the game’s working title in the last blog entry – ZombiC and ZombiK. We checked out both options and chose the second one with the "K" letter. As it appeared that the word zombic has already got few meanings that might seem confusing.

More about the Gameplay development now. So last Friday we started Zombik game discussion.

The agenda of the meeting was following:
1)      We agreed on the upcoming game genre – action;
2)      Zombie style was reconfirmed and first sketches approved;
3)      Working platforms agreed: Android and iOS – iphone and ipad = high resolution;
4)      SDK for development was chosen;
5)      And finally the key gameplay discussion started:
  • Game Modes. What you need to do to win the game; how the gamer will be rewarded for passing the levels and winning; how to get the gamer deeply involved in Zombik’s destiny so he/she will start feeling responsibility;
  • Game Levels. What obstacles will a gamer face and how difficult they will be. We should remember about logical and step-by-step difficulty increase;
  •  Addictiveness. How to make the game interesting and addictive.

I’m not going to provide you with answers now. We’ve only started – this discussion will accompany our work process till the very end of the work on the game. While working on the gameplay we always keep in mind The Message. It’s rather simple. The main idea of all hit games is to make a gamer feel important. To evoke a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Cause that is we all want at the end, don’t we? J

To be continued.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Create a Hit Mobile Game. Step-by-Step Guidance.

Well, it’s all about social networking. Kynitex team  is very social – trust me J. So we’re starting quite ambitious series of the Notes about development process. We will let you in. Seriously. You’ll become a part of the team – not a single trick will be hidden from you. So stay tuned!

Note #1. The Idea. Zombik Antidote.  
Development Team says: “And here we go to the high-level concept. Kynitex previous games were rather simple. Classic gameplays. Now we are ready to grow. So what’s the trend? Zombies. Crazy popular, dude! Let’s go for it. All “zombie”games are the same – you may describe the gameplay “go and kill all the ***** f**ckers [censored]“. A classic shooter. And for some unknown reasons all zombies want your brain J. Yuk. So there’s no sense in making 1001st remake of this gameplay. We don’t want that. We’re talented creative bastards. One-of-a-kind. We will turn everything upside-down, coming up with a fresh idea. Tra-ta-ta-ta!!!  Stop killing – start saving! Free Zombik! Gotcha! 

Now comes the Story: “A young scientist works in the crazy professor’s lab. During one of the experiments something goes wrong and he is somehow turned into a zombie and dropped into the strange place between the real world and nowhere. To save himself, our Zombic needs to collect 7 ingredients and bring them to the Professor who’s making an antidote”. Here comes the working title of the upcoming game - Zombic Antidote. Each level in the game is kinda spot of this “interspace” filled with traps, lightnings and other obstacles. While running, Zombic collects shiny yummy brains to earn scores which can be used for purchasing  bullet shields, fire protection jackets and other useful stuff. 

Now we’ve got a gameplay draft to start with. Any thoughts on this, Design Team?

Design Team says: “Err… aaahhh… that’s how we see it.”

Now we agreed on the Idea of the game. Started working on the Concept now. Stay tuned! To be continued.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jimmie Falls In Love

What is Love?.. Who dares to answer… Love is Blonde. Love hurts. Love is glamorous and pink. Love is… DEAD?!  And now love’s got a name!

Jimmie met a Girl. Jimmie fell in love at first sight. But Jimmie is a Soldier and he fights in the Chapayev war. He and Mindy the Cutie Skull are apart now. Mindy’s heart is broken… but Jimmie finds the way to join his Love in a game! Help them be together – play multiplayer mode in Love Twist to bridge the gap between two lovers!

Love is messy. Love is unfair. Only winners get love! So fight and win!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jimmie Goes to War

Hello my friends! I’m back! As Chapayev game was successfully released on Friday and more and more people now are joining Chapayev’s ranks; he went back in time to win his war. I stepped out for my favorite green tea right away. Drinking it now in my living-room, peaceful and grateful. So all is well now except… Jimmie’s gone. My little staunch friend was trying hard to defend me rescuing me from the Commander. But the Commander remained adamant. So we had nothing else to do than to exchange my humble person for Jimmie the Crazy Scull.

Now you can think very badly of me. Don’t! Just give me a minute to whitewash myself! Mr. Vasily Ivanovich appeared to be a very decent man, easy-going and funny. We all got on quite well here. So he believed that we must have helped him with his war. He was very persuasive. I would definitely go back with him but I have to take care of my garden and my stray cats. And I also don’t want to die. As for Jimmie – he’s actually already dead. He’s been very dead for ages! So he has literally nothing to lose. And eventually he got so inspired by the Commander and his noble sense of duty that he decided to represent our team (which is him and myself) at Chapayev’s War. 

They take my bike and off they go!..

I’ve been sitting on my soft sofa for 6 hours now playing Chapayev and helping my dear friends Jimmie and Vasiliy to win.  You don’t be indifferent! Help Vasily Ivanovich  and Jimmie! Join the battle to win the war now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chapayev: REAL life story finally unveiled!

Chapayev loved to swim in the river very much. But the Germans didn’t let anyone to swim in the river! They even put the barbed-wire fence on the river banks. Though Chapayev still came and had a good swim every single day! Germans didn’t like that at all. They tried to chase him, made ambush and pitfall traps, shooted at him – but he always escaped.

 Moreover, the Germans didn’t let anyone eat watermelons. It was very impolite of them and simply bad because all people in the world love these sweet striped berries-watermelons. Chapayev often took some for the kids. Well, he had a great heart. (Though I assume he also kept some watermelons for himself – IMHO).

Eventually, the Germans became very mad and declared war to the all outdoors. That’s how the World War 1 was unleashed. 

 Chapayev loved to fire tomatoes at the Germans. The Germans even started calling him The Red Devil. Therefore his army was also called The Red Army.

Chapayev was very brave in action. The enemies dreaded him and ran away right away! Well, frankly saying, even bullets preferred to skirt him. When the other absent-minded bullet somehow targeted him, it bounced off and fell down that very moment.

To be continued…

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jimmie’s Home Video

Boys and gals, hi! I had few seconds for writing and decided to boast my new camera. I am a happy owner of a beautiful brand-new device that shoots amazing videos. :) Happy me)))

And as me dear friend Jimmie the Crazy Scull (I hope you do remember him from my previous stories) always hangs about, - he was the first victim of my talent. 

So check our home video on our YouTube Channel

And play with Jimmie just now if you got a sec 
He is getting bored now blaiming me for not paying enough attention to him...
Have fun!

Talk to you soon, my friends!

PS Don’t forget to share your feedback with me – I know I need more practice so I really need your advice on this.

PPS More interesting stuff is coming! ;) 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Help! SOS! I am captured!!!

Time machines are mean. Could someone ever make them work properly?! I always get in trouble with mine! That’s a hell engine, I mean it! What made me use it this morning… Now, my friends, I need your help badly as I am captured!

It was a great sunny morning, not cold, not hot – just perfect for a walk. So I took my bike and went out. (Here I should say that my bike is actually a time machine – if you ride fast enough you usually find yourself in another date in a while. It can be tricky sometimes as I love fast rides). So I was enjoying a bright windy morning ride when suddenly found myself… in the middle of the battle! “Oh not again”, - I thought checking out the date on my bike computer. I was right – it was 1914!!!

 Then everything started happening too fast. Bullets, shouts, me being grabbed and dragged somewhere… Stranger’s hands, eyes, shouts! What a mess! As I had no intention to stay there, I rode faster to get back. And I did got back… but not alone! A strange skinny military man was sitting behind! As I always take my pencils with me, I’ve made a quick sketch of him. Here it is:

Now he’s sitting next to me at my living-room, drinking my best fine green tea and keeps giving me commands IN RUSSIAN. I’m not very good in languages. I know only few dozens of them. So I understand only that he has officially captured me and wants me to win his battle. He told me to call him Commander or Vasily Ivanovich. He says it’s a point of honour to win the Chapayev battle! And Commander will stay with me until I win!

Now you see how time bikes can get you in real troubles… Don’t leave me alone, my friends, help me to win the upcoming Chapayev battle! Check out the Android market for the upcoming Kynitex game - Chapayev - win it and set me free!

PS I am running out of my fine green tea...

Monday, May 23, 2011

How I met the Crazy Scull and What His Name Was

I like to travel. Oh yes, I do! Very much. Do you? :)

So once upon a time, in the middle of my trip to a faraway but very beautiful Island, I found myself at the amazingly wild and majestic ocean coast line. No need to tell you, my dearest friends, how beautiful it is there, is it? I was enjoying awesome emerald waves, hearing the voice of the ocean… when suddenly I noticed the CEMETERY! 

The most adorable ever, it stood at the top of the hill – creepy, silent and quiet, decent and very ancient.  It was so ancient that for a sec I assumed it was even older then myself. But that was just for a sec :). Haven’t I told you how much I love cemeteries?! How could I be so absent-minded… I LOVE cemeteries! Adore them! Those lovely quite islands of peace with notes of sorrow and a smell of eternity touch the deepest strings of my soul. I even cannot say what I love most – travels or cemeteries.

 So, I rushed to experience exciting discoveries of old tombs. And I failed… being stopped by terrible laughter. It was such a dreadful sound that my blood froze in veins. I got very excited and started to look for the terrifying owner of that laughter. I started opening  the tombs one by one, working hard, methodically searching. I had almost lost hope before I found HIM in the last tomb. He jumped out of his grave with a happy smile and kissed me, overwhelmed with joy. 

The creasiest creature I have ever met on earth! He 
 was so lively and energetic while greeting me and shaking my hand, nodding and spinning his head that eventually his scull came off his body!! )) the bones collapsed and turned to ashes…  The Crazy Scull and I held a small council and decided to leave it. 

He was so funny and merry, my new friend! I couldn’t resist his charm and promised to take him with me. We had a deal – I will show him at least 7 new cemeteries before we’ll get back home from our travels! So, we spent some more time at the ancient cemetery and continued my journey together at dawn…

PS No, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you the Crazy Scull’s name!! What a strange day today… but I assume you have already guessed, haven’t you? ;)