Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Create a Hit Mobile Game. Step-by-Step Guidance. Step 2.

Note #2. Back to Basics.

The devil’s in the details right? As you might notice, I used two spellings of the game’s working title in the last blog entry – ZombiC and ZombiK. We checked out both options and chose the second one with the "K" letter. As it appeared that the word zombic has already got few meanings that might seem confusing.

More about the Gameplay development now. So last Friday we started Zombik game discussion.

The agenda of the meeting was following:
1)      We agreed on the upcoming game genre – action;
2)      Zombie style was reconfirmed and first sketches approved;
3)      Working platforms agreed: Android and iOS – iphone and ipad = high resolution;
4)      SDK for development was chosen;
5)      And finally the key gameplay discussion started:
  • Game Modes. What you need to do to win the game; how the gamer will be rewarded for passing the levels and winning; how to get the gamer deeply involved in Zombik’s destiny so he/she will start feeling responsibility;
  • Game Levels. What obstacles will a gamer face and how difficult they will be. We should remember about logical and step-by-step difficulty increase;
  •  Addictiveness. How to make the game interesting and addictive.

I’m not going to provide you with answers now. We’ve only started – this discussion will accompany our work process till the very end of the work on the game. While working on the gameplay we always keep in mind The Message. It’s rather simple. The main idea of all hit games is to make a gamer feel important. To evoke a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Cause that is we all want at the end, don’t we? J

To be continued.

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