Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jimmie’s Home Video

Boys and gals, hi! I had few seconds for writing and decided to boast my new camera. I am a happy owner of a beautiful brand-new device that shoots amazing videos. :) Happy me)))

And as me dear friend Jimmie the Crazy Scull (I hope you do remember him from my previous stories) always hangs about, - he was the first victim of my talent. 

So check our home video on our YouTube Channel

And play with Jimmie just now if you got a sec 
He is getting bored now blaiming me for not paying enough attention to him...
Have fun!

Talk to you soon, my friends!

PS Don’t forget to share your feedback with me – I know I need more practice so I really need your advice on this.

PPS More interesting stuff is coming! ;) 

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