Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Help! SOS! I am captured!!!

Time machines are mean. Could someone ever make them work properly?! I always get in trouble with mine! That’s a hell engine, I mean it! What made me use it this morning… Now, my friends, I need your help badly as I am captured!

It was a great sunny morning, not cold, not hot – just perfect for a walk. So I took my bike and went out. (Here I should say that my bike is actually a time machine – if you ride fast enough you usually find yourself in another date in a while. It can be tricky sometimes as I love fast rides). So I was enjoying a bright windy morning ride when suddenly found myself… in the middle of the battle! “Oh not again”, - I thought checking out the date on my bike computer. I was right – it was 1914!!!

 Then everything started happening too fast. Bullets, shouts, me being grabbed and dragged somewhere… Stranger’s hands, eyes, shouts! What a mess! As I had no intention to stay there, I rode faster to get back. And I did got back… but not alone! A strange skinny military man was sitting behind! As I always take my pencils with me, I’ve made a quick sketch of him. Here it is:

Now he’s sitting next to me at my living-room, drinking my best fine green tea and keeps giving me commands IN RUSSIAN. I’m not very good in languages. I know only few dozens of them. So I understand only that he has officially captured me and wants me to win his battle. He told me to call him Commander or Vasily Ivanovich. He says it’s a point of honour to win the Chapayev battle! And Commander will stay with me until I win!

Now you see how time bikes can get you in real troubles… Don’t leave me alone, my friends, help me to win the upcoming Chapayev battle! Check out the Android market for the upcoming Kynitex game - Chapayev - win it and set me free!

PS I am running out of my fine green tea...

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