Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jimmie Goes to War

Hello my friends! I’m back! As Chapayev game was successfully released on Friday and more and more people now are joining Chapayev’s ranks; he went back in time to win his war. I stepped out for my favorite green tea right away. Drinking it now in my living-room, peaceful and grateful. So all is well now except… Jimmie’s gone. My little staunch friend was trying hard to defend me rescuing me from the Commander. But the Commander remained adamant. So we had nothing else to do than to exchange my humble person for Jimmie the Crazy Scull.

Now you can think very badly of me. Don’t! Just give me a minute to whitewash myself! Mr. Vasily Ivanovich appeared to be a very decent man, easy-going and funny. We all got on quite well here. So he believed that we must have helped him with his war. He was very persuasive. I would definitely go back with him but I have to take care of my garden and my stray cats. And I also don’t want to die. As for Jimmie – he’s actually already dead. He’s been very dead for ages! So he has literally nothing to lose. And eventually he got so inspired by the Commander and his noble sense of duty that he decided to represent our team (which is him and myself) at Chapayev’s War. 

They take my bike and off they go!..

I’ve been sitting on my soft sofa for 6 hours now playing Chapayev and helping my dear friends Jimmie and Vasiliy to win.  You don’t be indifferent! Help Vasily Ivanovich  and Jimmie! Join the battle to win the war now!

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