Monday, May 23, 2011

How I met the Crazy Scull and What His Name Was

I like to travel. Oh yes, I do! Very much. Do you? :)

So once upon a time, in the middle of my trip to a faraway but very beautiful Island, I found myself at the amazingly wild and majestic ocean coast line. No need to tell you, my dearest friends, how beautiful it is there, is it? I was enjoying awesome emerald waves, hearing the voice of the ocean… when suddenly I noticed the CEMETERY! 

The most adorable ever, it stood at the top of the hill – creepy, silent and quiet, decent and very ancient.  It was so ancient that for a sec I assumed it was even older then myself. But that was just for a sec :). Haven’t I told you how much I love cemeteries?! How could I be so absent-minded… I LOVE cemeteries! Adore them! Those lovely quite islands of peace with notes of sorrow and a smell of eternity touch the deepest strings of my soul. I even cannot say what I love most – travels or cemeteries.

 So, I rushed to experience exciting discoveries of old tombs. And I failed… being stopped by terrible laughter. It was such a dreadful sound that my blood froze in veins. I got very excited and started to look for the terrifying owner of that laughter. I started opening  the tombs one by one, working hard, methodically searching. I had almost lost hope before I found HIM in the last tomb. He jumped out of his grave with a happy smile and kissed me, overwhelmed with joy. 

The creasiest creature I have ever met on earth! He 
 was so lively and energetic while greeting me and shaking my hand, nodding and spinning his head that eventually his scull came off his body!! )) the bones collapsed and turned to ashes…  The Crazy Scull and I held a small council and decided to leave it. 

He was so funny and merry, my new friend! I couldn’t resist his charm and promised to take him with me. We had a deal – I will show him at least 7 new cemeteries before we’ll get back home from our travels! So, we spent some more time at the ancient cemetery and continued my journey together at dawn…

PS No, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you the Crazy Scull’s name!! What a strange day today… but I assume you have already guessed, haven’t you? ;)

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