Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chapayev: REAL life story finally unveiled!

Chapayev loved to swim in the river very much. But the Germans didn’t let anyone to swim in the river! They even put the barbed-wire fence on the river banks. Though Chapayev still came and had a good swim every single day! Germans didn’t like that at all. They tried to chase him, made ambush and pitfall traps, shooted at him – but he always escaped.

 Moreover, the Germans didn’t let anyone eat watermelons. It was very impolite of them and simply bad because all people in the world love these sweet striped berries-watermelons. Chapayev often took some for the kids. Well, he had a great heart. (Though I assume he also kept some watermelons for himself – IMHO).

Eventually, the Germans became very mad and declared war to the all outdoors. That’s how the World War 1 was unleashed. 

 Chapayev loved to fire tomatoes at the Germans. The Germans even started calling him The Red Devil. Therefore his army was also called The Red Army.

Chapayev was very brave in action. The enemies dreaded him and ran away right away! Well, frankly saying, even bullets preferred to skirt him. When the other absent-minded bullet somehow targeted him, it bounced off and fell down that very moment.

To be continued…

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