Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Create a Hit Mobile Game. Step-by-Step Guidance. Step 3.

Note #3. The Gameplay. Devil’s in the details.

This post is all yummies, my friends! Enjoy the pure flight of imagination and inspiration of both development and design teams!

Development Team says: “Let’s get back to the upcoming game scenario with the working title Zombik Antidote. According to the story there’s the Crazy Professor and his Assistant who got in trouble, turned Zombik and now has to rescue himself. He needs the Antidote to become a human being again. And you’re the one to rescue Zombik! Lead him through all the dangers to the happy transformation into a human being again! That’s where the working title changes for Zombik Rescue as it introduces the main idea of the game  better.

So Zombik's main task is to collect 7 ingredients for the Antidote – 7 bottles of different color and shape. Bottles are hidden in different levels (not in every one) so he’ll need to collect all of them and bring them to the Professor to prepare the Antidote. To maintain his life power, Zombik collects brains on his way.  But another problem is that the Professor’s a little bit crazy dude and he constantly loses something. For example, he has lost his glasses. That means Zombik will also have to find the glasses and bring them to the Professor along with the 7 ingredients. To operate properly the Professor also needs anti-marcor pills. One more item for Zombik to collect.  Again, an alembic is required to make the Antidote.

On his run Zombik faces following hurdles: walls, holes in the ground, flying bullets and circular saw disks, stones and different items falling from the skies and so on. He can jump over some of them – for this purposes he needs to find (or buy) a jumppack. …And there’s a great opportunity to monetize our app – we gonna implement an in-app purchase feature for our fans to make the gameplay more interactive and customizable! Yay! Bullet-proof jacked can be used to protect Zombik from bullets and saw disks. We can design different outfits for Zombik. Life levels, weapons, magic abilities and many-many other different and awesome stuff can be in the in-app shop!!!...”

It’s not a problem at all to generate a bunch of creative ideas for Kynitex professionals with their childish imagination every single minute. Though you should be there to select the best ones and to build a successful technical mechanism of the gameplay. The game should run smoothly, it shouldn’t be too simple or too difficult; it should contain some smart trendy features to attract and addict gamers and so on. Eventually, it should be crazy popular. No less. But before selling it to people, first try to sell it to your team. And that is the challenge!

And Kynitex Design Team started working to sell the idea:

To be continued.

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