Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Create a Hit Mobile Game. Step-by-Step Guidance.

Well, it’s all about social networking. Kynitex team  is very social – trust me J. So we’re starting quite ambitious series of the Notes about development process. We will let you in. Seriously. You’ll become a part of the team – not a single trick will be hidden from you. So stay tuned!

Note #1. The Idea. Zombik Antidote.  
Development Team says: “And here we go to the high-level concept. Kynitex previous games were rather simple. Classic gameplays. Now we are ready to grow. So what’s the trend? Zombies. Crazy popular, dude! Let’s go for it. All “zombie”games are the same – you may describe the gameplay “go and kill all the ***** f**ckers [censored]“. A classic shooter. And for some unknown reasons all zombies want your brain J. Yuk. So there’s no sense in making 1001st remake of this gameplay. We don’t want that. We’re talented creative bastards. One-of-a-kind. We will turn everything upside-down, coming up with a fresh idea. Tra-ta-ta-ta!!!  Stop killing – start saving! Free Zombik! Gotcha! 

Now comes the Story: “A young scientist works in the crazy professor’s lab. During one of the experiments something goes wrong and he is somehow turned into a zombie and dropped into the strange place between the real world and nowhere. To save himself, our Zombic needs to collect 7 ingredients and bring them to the Professor who’s making an antidote”. Here comes the working title of the upcoming game - Zombic Antidote. Each level in the game is kinda spot of this “interspace” filled with traps, lightnings and other obstacles. While running, Zombic collects shiny yummy brains to earn scores which can be used for purchasing  bullet shields, fire protection jackets and other useful stuff. 

Now we’ve got a gameplay draft to start with. Any thoughts on this, Design Team?

Design Team says: “Err… aaahhh… that’s how we see it.”

Now we agreed on the Idea of the game. Started working on the Concept now. Stay tuned! To be continued.