Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kynitex stunning new title Zombik Rescue is now live for iOS!

Kynitex Media Inc. is proud to announce the long awaited release of our newest game Zombik Rescue!

Zombik Rescue is a classy anti-shooter if I might call so. :) I’d say this awesome game is a zombie runner. Zombik Rescue is a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, and is available on the App Store right now at $0.99 only.

You play as Zombik, a poor nerdy who was so unlucky to turn into zombie somehow in a Crazy Professor’s lab. Now you’re running on a dangerous mission to get the ingredients for a magic potion that will make you a human being again. On his run Zombik faces various mean looking hurdles and enemies wishing to kill him in various sophisticated ways.

In few words, Kynitex created a different zombie story about rescuing but not killing. DOWNLOAD it right away and be The One to save Zombik!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kynitex applications now available for NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes and Noble!

Kynitex has become official Nook developer! Yay! 

Awesome news! You may now download the best Kynitex apps for the NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble! Games AnimaLines and ShiftMe Fifteen and interactive e-book Adventures of Pik and Shmik are already available for purchase in the NOOK Bookstore(TM) on BN.com. More Kynitex games are coming very soon.

We are proud and happy to share our creative world of fun with more and more fans using above mentioned beautiful gadgets. Stay with us and please support Kynitex team by downloading, rating and commenting our Nook apps! :)  


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yoshta Crochet Digest - new lovely app for crocheting is out!

 Hello, hello, hello, hello dear friends!

I've got something special for you today ;) Kynitex team has started a very interesting project - Yoshta Crochet Digest! This smart little app will be published on a monthly or bi-monthly basis helping both beginners and advanced crocheters to master the hook and create amazing works of the art.

I am happy to introduce you the first issue Yoshta Crochet Digest_May 2012 published for Android users absolutely FREE. :) You can download it right now from Google Play or alternative Android Market SlideMe which is very handy too.

Please meet a charming lady and extremely talented crochet master Yoshta! She feels the yarn and shares her love for art inspiring children and grown-ups with her magic through her incredible crochet master-classes.

The very first issue – The Foliole - of master-classes series is dedicated to advanced crochet masters. You will learn how to create a very beautiful freeform leaf in this issue. Make your own unique leaves; combine them to create brooches, hairpins and clothes decorations. Discover more ways to express yourself through crocheting!

Key features
  • Complimentary first issue of a highly respected crochet artist Yoshta Crochet Digest (interactive e-magazine) – enjoy one-of-a-kind lesson by a talented crochet master for free!
  • Learn how to create a lovely peace of art with the help of your phone or tablet! Now you will never lose the guidelines or mix the pattern with this smart little app.
  •  Beautiful illustrations accompanied by explanatory texts will guide you step by step through the art process of creating a freeform crochet leaf.
  • Thumb through the pages by simply sliding them or touching the next button.

 Create and Enjoy Creative with Yoshta and Kynitex!

Please take your time to comment and rate the app on the markets - it will help other users to differentiate it in the icean of other apps and enjoy it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter from Kynitex!

Kynitex team wishes a very happy Easter to you and your loved ones!
Enjoy Easter with friends and family and have fun!!!  

Candies + Chocolates + Eggs + Fun + Family = Happy Easter!!! 

Let your eggs be the winning ones this year! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kynitex new title Zombik Rescue is coming soon!

Warm hellos to all Kynitex friends and fans out there!

It's been a while since our last post here. But we haven't wasted the precious time - tons of work has been done on the new game. Unfortunately we had to pause showcasing the game development and prioritize our time management. Anyway, development process description and lessons learned will be posted here sooner or later,
So, the new game would be something very different from what we had done before. Today all the graphics are ready, all the physics set up. We now polishing the gameplay and testing. And we are so EXCITED! Zombik is unbelievably beautiful and bright action! I just cannot wait to present it to the world. :)

For now I'm allowed to share only some snippets. Here's the first teaser for you!

Stay tuned! Keep in touch! And keep playing Kynitex games! ;)

Sunday, December 25, 2011