Friday, May 6, 2011

How it all began…

Once upon a time… eh, no, actually it was yesterday, yep! :) So, it was raining cats and dogs yesterday! I had my usual walk around the zoo. Under the cold nasty drizzling rain animals were wet, sad and gloomy. Nobody smiled at me… everything was quite terrible, I should notice. And then suddenly I saw a HUUUUGEEE grey spot! The Spot was dashing around the cage trying to squeeze itself into an every chink it could find. It definitely wasn’t happy about such nasty weather.

I came closer and found myself already in a middle of a conversation :). We felt he chemistry very quickly and discussed lots of important things: we were talking about cosmonauts, bananas, travel and lots of other different stuff. While talking I made a few sketches of my new friend – mechanically, just by force of habit. He was such a nice company, my friend! Here they are:

And then suddenly my new friend is asking if I play the Fifteen Puzzle Game!!! Of course I do! Who doesn’t! it’s just I haven’t played for ages… So it began :). Just like that. We played till late night until the janitor kicked me out of the zoo. While flying out of the door, I heard my friend’s last words about his dearest wish to teach everybody on this planet to play the Little Fifteen Puzzle…

So the very next day I draw the ShiftMe Fifteen puzzle game.

My friend, the Elephant, was named after Viswanathan Anand, a famous Indian chess Grandmaster.

That’s all, folks! )))

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